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Thank YOU for having a look around!!!

Our Advisor Center is divided into two parts:

1. Your Process

2. Your Resources

The first section - Your Process - will provide you with our "lessons learned" about making 401(k) work both an intelligent part of your business AND how you can effectively implement your most appropriate strategies. The process portion includes valuable information on steps in your process and you can click on each to get our best practices summary. Call Ron at 805.886.9871 to discuss any of these steps or the resources that follow. Here is the process:

  • Your Business Model – if you are considering incorporating business markets and 401(k) work into your practice remember the first rule: don't quit your day job.

  • Prospecting – a sledge and a wedge or super glue? Are you focusing on opening a new door and creating brand new opportunities or do you want to make an existing relationship stickier? A look at who your best targets and target markets may be.

  • Your Approach – whether on the phone or in person – should match the approach with the target. There are a number of approaches that are working in the market today and we review all of them.

  • Your Discovery Interview – The key to converting a prospect to a client is asking great questions and engaging your prospect in revealing those things that are most important. With business owners there is an exciting opportunity to move back and forth between the business and the personal planning opportunities.

  • Your Agenda Interview - Your effort to open a new door may often have been a product of a specific approach that focuses on what was revealed as the prospect's problems or source of pain. You want to address this effectively but also create opportunities to move into a more open ended Discovery Interview.

  • Solution Presentation and Gaining Commitment – Great discovery yields the answer to the BIG question: What problem does she most want solved? Problem may be problems.

  • Implementation and Installation – Our Letter of Intent outlines some of the steps in the process for your Sponsor. Walk through more of the process steps and timelines here.

  • Education and Enrollment – Advisors Pension Consulting Group can help you with a variety of approaches and FINRA approved education materials.

  • Service, Client Satisfaction and Growing your Business – One of the great opportunities with 401(k) work is to use it to shape your business and put it on an accelerated growth path.

  • Trustee Reviews, Modifications and Ongoing Service – Much like agenda meetings Advisors Pension Consulting Group will provide you with up to date materials and tools for your use with Plan Sponsors in their regular compliance reviews.

The second section is what you might call our resource library – and now it’s yours. These are the various pieces we have developed that may be useful to you and that you will find referenced in various places throughout the 401(k) process section and at other places in this website.

  • The Advisors Pension Consulting Group marketing brochure that describes our work with Advisors (we love referrals to friends and colleagues). View PDF
  • The Advisors Pension Consulting Group marketing brochure that describes how we work through Advisors to work with Sponsors. You may want to give this to a Sponsor client or prospect to introduce us and our work together. It can help validate your independent, objective and unbiased value proposition. View PDF
  • Our Letter of Intent description and instruction on how you may want to use these. View PDF
  • Our Letter of Intent and Agreement between Client and Consultant. See the previous link to see how you might use this as a reference piece on pricing at an “Agenda” or “Discovery” meeting or how you use it to begin the process of installing a transparent, flexible, open architecture and fee-based 401(k) plan. View Word doc
  • The Forward 401k marketing brochure. This describes the 401(k) platform. View PDF
  • Contribution Limits: This is a quick reference guide to 401(k), 403b and IRA contribution limits. It is posted both as a quick summary resource for you to use or print out as a “value added” to give out – along with your card – to a client or prospect. View PDF
  • Discovery Interview Confidential: There is a 4 page version you may want to use to guide your Discovery Interview along with a 2 page (the information we need) along with an Excel form for your Sponsor’s census. We need the 2 page and the census to begin our plan design analysis.

    - View 2 page
    - View 4 page
    - View Census

  • Investment Options: You may want to use ePlans current list of available funds and collective trusts as a “proof” of your flexible and open architecture value propositions. View PDF

  • Agenda Meeting Options: As part of your prospecting or approach you may want to use these as your format:

    - Pension Protection Act
    - Executive Summary
    - Biography
    – If you do not have a biography piece to go with your Trilogy “Everything You Need” brochure you may want to adapt this generic bio.

  • Prospecting and Approach letters – Here are some of the pieces that you may want to consider using.

    - How Sweet Is your Service?

  • Service Handouts: You may want to use these to describe some of the services we work with you to provide …

    - Employee Benefits
    - Plan Design

    - Plan Contribution Limits
    - Understanding Your Partners

  • IRS Form 8880 – Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions. Another artifact you can use:

  • 401(k) Takeover procedures and forms:

    - Appointment Form - Have your client print this on your Sponsor's letterhead
    - Necessary NPC Forms
  • Ongoing Service Communications: Some examples of approved service communications:

    - Plan Participant Letter – This was approved by NPC in October 2008 during our Bear Market high volatility conditions.


    Securities and advisory services offered through National Planning Corporation (NPC), Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisors Pension Consulting Group and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.