Advisor Center

Our work with Advisors is the principal focus of Advisors Pension Consulting Group. This is simply because we believe that a committed Financial Advisor is the key element in a powerful profit sharing 401(k) plan

  • Here is a marketing piece we use to describe our work with Advisors (pdf).

  • Here is a marketing piece we use to describe how we work with Plan Sponsors (pdf).

The Forward 401k (pdf) is a transparent and flexible open architecture platform we have built for Advisors at Trilogy Financial Services.

Welcome Advisors! When you log in you will find a summary of the “lessons learned” that we have garnered from our work with the 401(k) Advisors regarding each step of the process of implementing 401(k) plans as well as more complete training modules and the tools that Advisors have found helpful in their work. Log in.



Securities and advisory services offered through National Planning Corporation (NPC), Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisors Pension Consulting Group and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.